Gorilla Resort Lodge

Welcome to The Gorilla Resort Lodge in Bwindi Gorilla Resort; it’s a luxury accommodation situated in the Impenetrable Bwindi Forest. The lodge offers luxurious cottages along with safari tents established on the wooden platforms displaying one of the best views in the area. The Wooden decks provide a good view overlooking the forest and Rive […]

Wagtail Eco Safari Camp, Bwindi

Wagtail Eco Safari Camp is a moderate accommodation with a distinctive and gorgeous Welcome to Wagtail Safari Camp hills of Kigezi as you enjoy your camping. You will have a view of the volcanoes, Virunga and the Impenetrable forest.

Sambiya River Lodge Murchison Falls

Sambiya River Lodge is only 15 minutes away from the top of the splendid Murchison Falls. It’s the idea place for those who want to adventure Africa to the fullest and as it delivers its self. The lodge’s exclusive and magical torch is in transparent as it is delivered to the guests from the moment […]

Primate Lodge Kibale

Primate Lodge Kibale is located in the hub of Kibale Forest National Park. It’s surreptitiously segregated in the jungle. It’s an exceptional Eco-friendly lodge that has a beautiful Sky Tree House, sumptuous tented camp and the luxury forest cottages.

Lake Kitandara Tented Camp

Located in the core of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, Lake Kitandara Tented Camp the camp is the most perfect place for your gorilla tracking Encounter. The lodge is a 5 minute walk from the camp to the park Headquarters in Buhoma.

Ihamba Safari Lodge

Ihamba Safari Lodge is well designed with stones and thatched cottages which unifies perfect well with the surrounding scenery. The lounge Welcome to Ihamba Safari Lodge and dining area has been built overlooking the Queen Elizabeth national park’s wilderness. The lodge has a swimming pool where you can relax and enjoy a cocktail after a […]

Chimps Nest Lodge Kibale Forest

CHIMPS NEST LODGE Chimps Nest Lodge is a spectacular lodge situated on the boundaries of Kibale Forest along with a marvelous outlook of the forest and the Rwenzori Mountains. This beautiful lodge borders Magombe swamp and Kibale forest. A chance to see lots of wildlife including the forest elephants and various species of birds at […]

Bunyonyi Overland Resort

Bunyonyi Overland Resort is blessed with the cool breeze of the Lake at which you. It’s a breathtaking Welcome to Bunyonyi Overland Resorts top over for those that go to Bwindi to track the gorillas.

Arcadia Cottages in Lake Bunyonyi

Situated in Lake Bunyonyi, Arcadia Cottages is in the western part of Uganda having the best scenery overlooking the lake and hence welcoming you to the splendid Islands.

Simba safari camp in Queen Elizabeth park

Simba safari camp is a comfortable budget safari lodge located at the boarder of Queen Elizabeth National Park 2kms from the Equator. The lodge is located in such a way that it has a spectacular view at the Crater Lakes for example Lake George, Lake Kikoronko and the savannah covering a wider area of the […]

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