Uganda Mountain Hiking Adventures

Embark on an incredible trekking expedition in Uganda, a country steeped in stunning scenery and landscapes. Conquer the highest of nature’s peaks, from the mysterious Rwenzori Mountains to the famous Virunga peaks and the immense Elgon caldera. Put on your hiking boots, feel the cool mountain air on your face, and let the journey of a lifetime begin!

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Rwenzori Mountains

Perched at the border of Uganda and Congo, the Rwenzori Mountains are considered the highest peak of Uganda, also known as the Mountains of the Moon. It has a length of 120km, a width of 65km and is the third highest mountain in Africa, standing 5109m above sea level. This majestic mountain is unique in that it has permanent snow caps even though it crosses the equator.

It is home to six snow-capped peaks including Mt Luigi di Savora (4537m), Mt Gessi (4715m), Mt Baker (4844m), Mt Speke (4890m) and Mt Stanley (5,109m). 70% of the Rwenzori Mountains National Park is situated above 2500m, making it a prime destination for adventurers and explorers.

The mountain is a haven for rare and endemic wildlife, with its glaciers, waterfalls, lakes and rivers. Hikers can take the Mahoma Loop for an 8-hour journey, the Chimpanzee Trail for a one-day journey and the Central Circuit for an 8-day journey to Margherita.

The Rwenzori Mountains are truly an awe-inspiring sight and a mystical challenge for the brave.

Mountain Elgon

Mountain Elgon is an incredible extinct volcano situated in the Eastern part of Uganda, bordering Kenya. Despite being one of the oldest extinct volcanoes in East Africa, believed to be over 24 million years old, it has been reduced to its current height of 4321m, making it the 8th highest peak in Africa and 4th highest in East Africa.

The mountain is crowned by the world’s largest caldera, measuring 50km by 80km. An adventure to the peak of Mt Elgon, known as Wagagai, is worth it as you get to experience the lush vegetation and wildlife, not to mention the fascinating sights of caves, like Kitum, mineral sites, water pools, warm springs by the Saum river, and beautiful scenery.

There are two major trails to Mt Elgon, Sasa and Piswa, each taking approximately 4-5 days to complete. The five major peaks include Wagagai, Sudek, Koitobos, Mubiyi and Masaba, each with its own unique characteristics.

Mount Sabinyo

Situated at the intersection of three countries, Uganda, Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo, Mountain Sabinyo offers an incredible and thrilling adventure to all.

At a height of 3669 metres, the mountain has a unique rugged terrain that appears almost impassable but provides an exciting experience to those who reach the summit where they can have a panoramic view of the Virunga mountain ranges.

The mountain got its name from the three peaks which resemble the spaces between an old man’s teeth when seen from a distance.

Mount Muhavura

Muhavura, meaning “The Guide,” is an inactive volcano located on the border of Uganda and Rwanda in the Albertine Rift Valley. This impressive volcano stands at 4127m tall, making it the third highest of the eight major mountains in the Virunga range.

To reach its summit, hikers must embark on a 5 hour trek, during which they can observe a small crater lake. This lake offers the perfect opportunity to take in the stunning views of the Virunga range, as well as providing insight into the last eruption of the volcano, though the exact date remains undocumented.

Mountain Mgahinga

Mgahinga is an awe-inspiring dormant volcano located in the Virunga Mountains, spanning the border of Uganda and Rwanda. Its name is derived from the Kinyarwanda word meaning “a pile of stones”.

It is home to the majestic golden monkeys and endangered mountain gorillas, with its peak soaring 3,473 meters above sea level. It has a swampy caldera and its vegetation is classified as Afro-montane with lush bamboo, providing an ideal habitat for its wildlife.

It is further-still a picturesque destination for nature and animal lovers, making it a must-see for those looking for a one-of-a-kind experience. 

Mount Moroto

Situated in the northern east corner of Uganda, Mountain Moroto stands tall at an impressive 3083 m above sea level. Originally called Moru To, which translates to ‘western mountain’ due to tribes migrating from Ethiopia perceiving the mountain to come from the west, this magnificent peak is adjacent to the town of Moroto in the Karamoja region.

Nature lovers are spoilt for choice, with an abundance of diverse wildlife from the arid thorn savanna to the dry montane forest and more than 220 bird species, it’s a paradise for bird watchers and wildlife enthusiasts! Monkeys and wild cats are also commonplace in the area.

With climbing trails and the option of a guide to take you to the stunning peak of St. Lawrence, Book with us today a trek to explore the magnificent mountain and all the wonders it has to offer!