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Ameera Africa Safari is Uganda's finest safari tour Agency in the "Pearl of Africa". At pocket-friendly charges, you get to travel to Uganda and exhaust your safari tour fantasies, from going on wild jungle trail safaris to gorilla tracking and trekking, bird watching, hiking through the Rwenzori mountain ranges, rafting along the great Nile River, and interacting with hospitable locals. Go on a Uganda safari tour with us for an unforgettable safari experience.

While on your Uganda Safari tour you get to know why Uganda is listed as an ideal destination for a true African wildlife safari experience. The decision to travel Uganda with us is your opportunity to encounter the country's rugged beauty and uncorrupted wildlife. Animals wonder freely in their untouched and unpolluted natural habitats. Tracking them and observing them relate with each other is so thrilling.

Uganda is graced with creatures like; the African elephant, cape buffalo, Rothschild giraffe, the primates and chimpanzees including the endangered golden monkey and mountain gorillas, about 29 species of antelope including the eland which is the world's largest antelope and Jackson's hartebeest-an unusual flat-faced creature found only in Uganda among other wildlife. A safari tour package to Uganda is the only way to encounter these wondrous marvels.

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Explore Uganda

For the curious explorer, we are the finest Uganda safari tour Agency to relate with. We will help you identify key attractions and must go places in Uganda. No one knows these African soils better than us. Trust us to help you quench and at the same time arouse your passion for exploring the wildlife, birdlife, primates among other safari tour adventures.

Uganda Family Tours

Are you planning a family vacation or a safari tour to Uganda? Do you want to give your loved ones a great experience while exploring the Pearl of Africa? If so, then we are the ideal companions to travel Uganda with. Choose any safari destination within Uganda and be sure Ameera Africa Safaris will do a great job getting you there.

Uganda Honeymoon

We are humane, we appreciate life and join others to celebrate its gifts. For the newly-wed and those celebrating their love, we have jaw-dropping offers for your honeymoon. The Pearl of Africa has some of the most amazing destinations for a memorable honeymoon and we show you where to find the gold. Travel Uganda with Ameera Africa Safari experts.

Uganda Business Travel

While on a business trip, it is important to keep time and be organized. Yet it is however hard to attend to very crucial business affairs and at the same time give enough attention to the seemingly minor yet important small nitty-gritties. Travel to Uganda, and put your stay in our hands, for we are the capacity.

Hotel and Accomodation Bookings

With a tight work schedule and a series of numerous small tasks to accomplish, planning for your safari tour might be nearly impossible. We will help you identify prime safari destinations and quality yet affordable accomodation within Uganda and get all the booking done for you.

Air Ticketing and Airport Transfers

Ameera Africa Safaris takes full responsibility for booking flight tickets and handle reservations for all customers. We directly interact with customers, answer customer questions about flight timings, seat availability, fares, reservations and airport transfers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Uganda Safe and politically stable?

Uganda is a republic thus is a democratic state under a presidential system. Where a president is elected into power by the common vote by the people. Its politics like any other place has its ups and downs but is generally stable and calm for those that wish to undertake a safari tour in Uganda. Uganda is a multi-party democratic state and other parties are allowed to participate fairly in elections and have seats in Parliament, actually has ministerial offices.

Uganda is peaceful and safe to travel, and the people enjoy relative human rights of speech, expression, and information, and many more and the government and police make sure streets are safe by arresting lawbreakers and human rights violators.

What activities are on a Uganda safari tour, aside from gorilla tracking?

Well, Gorilla tracking is not the only activity in Uganda, while in Jinja one can engange in white water rafting, zip-lining, tubing the Nile, etc., exploring Lake Victoria, touring mineral sites like oil sites, gold mines, cobalt, lime, bird watching, mountain climbing, to mention but a few that you can engage in while on your safari tour to Uganda.

The activities are endless, you could come and live in the buzzing city for a while, but of course, Gorilla tracking is too one of the most popular activities in Uganda. Uganda has the largest population of mountain gorillas in the world. Visitors have a diversity of four habituated mountain gorilla groups that are Mubare, Habinyanja, Rushegura, and Nkuringo.

Bwindi National Park is located about 500km from Kampala, a distance that takes about 6 to 8 hours by road. Alternatively, one can choose to fly to an airstrip at Kisoro from Kampala or Entebbe, then drive to Bwindi Park for a gorilla trekking Uganda safari tour.

What language is spoken in Uganda?

Uganda has so many languages both local and international are spoken, most Ugandans are learned so they learn English, French, Spanish, Italian, and Swahili languages.

But people speak indigenous languages like Luganda in Central Uganda, Runyakole and Runyakitala in Western and many more but those are the most popularly spoken in Uganda. Worry not about communication during your safari tour to Uganda.

What wildlife can I see on my Uganda safari tour?

Uganda has a variety of wild animals and birds in their natural setting. Animals like giraffes, zebras, lions, leopards, wild birds like ostriches, species of snakes and so much more. Come and see for yourself the Pearl of Africa. These animals live in-game parks and are well cared for while being encouraged to be as free and as wild as they are meant to be.

The mammals include gorillas, chimpanzees, lions, leopards, hippos, cheetahs, kobs, antelopes, buffalos, warthogs, elephants, wild beasts, and many more. The reptiles include snakes, frogs, fish, and dolphins, while the birds' species include ostriches, peacocks, flamingos, swans, cranes, hornbills, to mention but a few.

The best time to go on a safari tour to Uganda is in the dry seasons from June- August, and November to March to witness these living things in their habitats and their families before the rain keeps them away and hidden in rainy seasons.

What to bring on a safari tour to Uganda?

When coming to Uganda for a safari tour you need a bunch of things which are of course sold here too, but you can pack them just in case; a valid passport and a tourist visa (essential), more things to wear like skirts, should be a bit longer due to mode of dress in this country, tank tops and sweaters are fine as well since it can get pretty cold at night due to the cool evening wind.

Personal commodities like sunscreen, lotion, huts, boots or comfortable shoes, flip flops, soap, shampoo, bug repellant, toiletries, swimsuits, raincoats, cameras, sanitizer, umbrella, sunglasses, well, and makeups if necessary.

What to wear while on a Uganda Safari?

Uganda is a humid country, it can be cold at night too, so you need to carry more things for your safari tour in to wear like skirts, should be a bit longer due to mode of dress in this country, tank tops and sweaters are fine as well since it can get pretty cold at night due to the cool evening wind.

What are the health requirements while traveling to Uganda?

Uganda has a few epidemic diseases like the flu, malaria, that need one to be more careful by sleeping in a mosquito net while here, using repellants if moving at night and so forth, so about the heat, one can use sunscreen and other creams to protect their skin from sunburn and take quantitative care of themselves during your safari tour to Uganda.

About Drinking water in Uganda while on a safari tour?

Uganda is so hot, with the climate being mostly summer year out, and one needs to take a minimum of two liters a day, and maybe more I order to stay hydrated and strong, of course, clean safe water by Crown beverages, called Rwenzori is available in all shops and supermarkets in town to have along with you on a Uganda safari tour.

What are the visa requirements in Uganda?

If you plan to come on a safari tour to Uganda, you ought to know that applying for a visa no longer requires a trip to the nearest Ugandan embassy. That is because as of July 2016, the Ugandan government started to release electronic Ugandan visas, and that made things easier for everyone.

The process is entirely online, even the application form. It is easy to go through, and you can get your Uganda visa in as little as 2 Business Days. All that is made possible by iVisa, a visa expediting company that will spare you the bureaucratic hassle you get at the embassy.

Before you fill out the application form, you need to make sure that you meet all the requirements. Even so, rest assured that the Uganda visa policy, as well as iVisa, will ask very little of you. Here is what you need: a valid passport, a recent passport-sized photo, a vaccination certificate for Yellow Fever – if you do not get immunized against Yellow Fever, you will be subjected to vaccination when you arrive in Uganda.

Depending on the case, some quarantine measures will be taken. Children under 5 years old must also be immunized against Polio and now with recent events a Covid 19 vaccination form.

What type of accommodation do you offer on a Uganda safari?

Safari lodges are the places you go to in Uganda on a safari when you need to rest in the middle of travel and tour and they are always situated near or inside the tourist attraction to ease the journey of the travelers and rest within journeys.

Uganda has over 40 lodges because of the many national parks zoos and tourist attractions and some of these include Chobe Safari lodge located in the Murchison fall safari lodge.

If one opts for the city, the best hotels in Kampala city include Serena Hotel Kampala, the Sheraton Hotel, Pearl of Africa Hotel, Hotel Triangle, Speke Resort Munyonyo near lake Victoria to mention but a few. These hotels offer accommodation for as long as you want to stay. Have first-class suites, penthouses, single and double rooms, business and pleasure offers.

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