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Winston Churchill, an early explorer, in his book My African Journey called Uganda “the pearl of Africa”..  he couldn’t have been more right. Uganda possesses such wildlife safari potential that is almost unrivaled by other East African countries; right from safari delights like the rare golden monkeys of Mgahinga, to the mountain gorillas of Bwindi and the amazing River Nile in all its goodness.

Uganda is a reasonably small country at the heart of East Africa. Unlike her counterparts; Kenya and Tanzania, Uganda does not have access to the sea and is thus land locked; meaning she relies mostly on her neighbors for trade. However, where Uganda lacks in trade, she has greatly made up for in the tourism world.

When it comes to an African safari, Uganda is the perfect place to be with many phenomenal places to see such as Murchison Falls National Park where the Nile makes a mockery of imagination as it makes the Murchison falls, Queen Elizabeth with her tree climbing lions, Semuliki valley with an admirable display of birdlife and Kidepo valley where wildlife is abounding.

Not forgetting the Nile on a Uganda tour with Ameera Africa, a leading destination management agency for Uganda tours. River Nile provides opportunity for a number of water sports including Kayaking, Quad biking, sport fishing, canoeing, White Nile rafting, bungee jumping and jet boating among other activities that are guaranteed to complete your Uganda safari holidays.    


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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Uganda safe for a safari tour?

Yes, Uganda is safe for Uganda safari tours. If you have been planning for Uganda safari holidays and you are worried about your safety, then you shouldn’t be. There are a few guidelines if which followed shall help you keep safe on your Uganda tour. The first step is to ensure that you book your safari with a qualified and registered safari company. Ameera Africa has been serving clients on the safari scene for years and has experience in planning the perfect Tours to Uganda. Also ensure that you have all required and necessary vaccines so as to safeguard your body against any preventable diseases. Carry insect repellants to keep off the mosquitoes along with any personal medicine you might need. When it comes to Uganda safari tours physical safety, our team will always pick you from the designated destination to the safari point and back to your hotel room. They will also always accompany you during your safari alongside a game ranger or guide. Tourists, especially women are also urged to walk in groups and avoid walking at night.

What are the visa requirements for Uganda travel?

When you are traveling to Uganda for Uganda safari holidays and you are not coming from the Visa exempted African countries, then you will most definitely need a visa. The visa acquisition system has been improved to allow Uganda tour travelers to apply for their visas online, prior to the Uganda safari tours. Initially, you will have to visit the Uganda Immigration page and begin the application process. After approval, you will be requested to make a bank payment, attach the receipt and then you will be notified of when your visa will be ready. Upon arrival at the airport, you will be able to receive your visa. A single Uganda entry visa usually costs about USD $50 and a multiple entry visa costs about USD $100. For travelers that wish to merge visiting Kenya and Rwanda with tours to Uganda, it is highly recommended that they apply for a 90-day multiple entry East African Tourist Visa that will allow them to enter other East African countries on the same Uganda safari.

What wildlife can I see on my Uganda safari?

In respect of the fact that Uganda is home to 342 mammal species you must expect quite the Uganda tours wildlife show with Ameera Africa while on your Uganda safari holidays. Moreover, the country offers all members of the Big 5 including Lions, Leopards, Buffaloes, Elephants and Rhinos; making it a top one stop destination for tours to Uganda. Animals in Ugandan national Parks and reserves can be viewed while on a game drives and trekking adventures with Ameera Africa while exploring on Uganda safari tours. The wildlife is often aligned along water points with specials like water animals and birds. There are tracks that are often followed during wildlife safaris to offer the best views. Apart from the Big5, you will come across other animals on your Uganda safari holidays such as; monkeys, civets, wild dogs, Giraffes, Uganda kobs, bush baby, Defassa waterbuck, Chimpanzees, duikers, kudu, jackals, Bushbucks, baboons, Gazelles, foxes, hartebeests, hippos, crocodiles, pottos, serval cats, warthogs, Eland and Hyenas among many others.

What to pack on my Uganda safari?

The trick with packing for any Uganda safari tours is to travel light. You do not want heavy luggage getting in the way of your Uganda tour fun since you might find yourself in need of porter services during a hiking or mountain climbing adventure. It is always wiser to just stick to the essentials like personal medication that you will need during your tours to Uganda. For most Uganda safari holidays, you will need a hat and sunglasses to protect from direct sunlight and some light fabric clothes with dull safari colors like navy blue, army green, brown and black to help you blend into the jungle. Also invest in some long-sleeved shirts, sweater and trousers for cold evenings and early mornings. Finally, for the most important part, ensure that you have all the necessary tours to Uganda documentation like a valid passport, Visa and vaccination certificates. In case of any medical needs, carry your documentation with you and make your medical needs known to your travel agency prior to the Uganda safari holidays.

What are the accommodation options for a Uganda safari holiday?

With Ameera Africa, you can always have the best accommodation option that matches with your safari budget whether you wish to enjoy a luxurious time in a suite on your Uganda safari tours or whether it is more of a jungle feel for you and you want to spend more time with nature. In that case; a camp in the wilderness can be set up for you. You will have the best accommodation option while maintaining comfort and a memorable experience. Some top famous facilities include; Paraa safari lodge in Murchison Falls, Lake Bunyonyi resort on Lake Bunyonyi, Mweya safari lodge in Queen Elizabeth, Apoka safari lodge in Kidepo, and Bwindi lodge near Bwindi Impenetrable national park among others.

What is the best time to visit Uganda?

You will read on many safari blogs and in articles that Ugandan weather is safe for Uganda safari tours anytime; arguing that Uganda has relatively fair weather all year round without winters or tsunamis. To some extent, this is true. However, you need to plan your Uganda tour in the perfect time since it can greatly hinder the safari. In addition, even though there isn’t any snow to block the roads, heavy rains can make it impossible for you to travel to the Uganda safari holidays destination or to even have a hiking and mountain climbing adventure. In fact, on a heavy rainy day, you might not even be able to trek the mountain gorillas! Therefore; it is of utter importance to organize a Uganda tour during the dry season when the roads, although dusty, are passable and wildlife is readily available as they search for water and food. Also, migratory birds are often around the neighborhood as well. The dry months usually run from December to February and June to July.

Is it safe to drink tap water?

No. Tap water in Uganda isn’t safe for drinking and you might catch typhoid if you drink it straight from the tap or the jerry can. The water is often boiled before it is safe for drinking and although this may not be availed by the resort you are staying at, you should carry some extra cash to purchase safe bottled water.

What are the languages used?

The fact that Uganda is a metropolitan state with over 41 languages spoken is enough relief for a tour to Uganda traveler. This is simply because out of all these languages, there will be at least one you can speak. The most commonly used languages are English, Kiswahili and Luganda; with English being the official language. The Ameera Africa team maintains a healthy balance between professionalism and hospitality so English is often used on Tours to Uganda so you should not be worried about not being able to communicate. Luganda may occasionally be used during cultural encounters with the locals in instances where you have to greet or interact.

What are the things to do a safari tour to Uganda?

Owing to the fact that there are endless safari activities to enjoy on Uganda safari tours, you need to have the right guidance. Therefore, when planning a Uganda tour, it is best to work with a qualified travel agency like Ameera Africa to best tailor a Uganda safari holidays package that caters for all the things you want to see on your safari. Get your best hiking boots and get ready to tread the steep slopes of Bwindi in search of mountain gorillas that are the greatest delight of the tours to Uganda gorilla trekking safaris. Gorilla trekking is the core of tours to Uganda safaris in line with other activities like golden monkey and chimpanzee trekking, birding and game viewing. Alternatively, there is a lineup of water activities for Uganda safari tours on the Nile like Kayaking, White water rafting, jet boating, quad biking, boat safaris and bungee jumping. For a more relaxing adventure, you could opt for a canoeing adventure on Lake Bunyonyi, sport fishing or work your muscles during a volcano hiking on a Uganda tour with Ameera Africa.

What are the health requirements for corona virus entry while traveling to Uganda?

The following requirements have been put up by the government of Uganda as of 18th June, 2021 about the corona virus in regards to entering into the country. Provision of a negative covid19 test certificate, issued no more than 72 hours before boarding the aircraft or crossing land borders lest entry is denied. Children aged three years and under might be exempted from presenting a negative covid19 test certificate if the accompanying adult provides one. People from grade 2 countries including; UK, USA, Ethiopia, Turkey, Kenya, South Africa, U.A.E, South Sudan and Tanzania will be required to undergo a PCR test at the airport or the border at their own expense unless they present a full Covid19 vaccination certificate. If any person tests positive upon arrival, they will be led away by the ministry of health to an isolation centre. Travelers who have been to India within the last 14 days will not be allowed into the country unless they are Ugandan citizens returning home. All people arriving at the airport will undergo temperature checks and will be screened for any infectious diseases by the Port Health authorities and if found positive, they will be led away for isolation by the M.O.H.


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