Our top most family and child friendly destinations..

Are you and your family looking for the perfect getaway? When planning a trip, there is a lot to consider, especially if you have littles ones in tow. Long journeys can be tedious for the little ones, so it’s important to plan activities that are appropriate for their age and that won’t be too physically demanding.

Uganda is the perfect destination for families, with its stunning natural beauty and variety of child-friendly activities. Here are some of our top picks for family-friendly destinations in Uganda.

Our top recommendable family accommodations..


Mweya Safari Lodge

Found in Queen Elizabeth National Park, the lodge is surrounded with scenic views of the great Kazinga channel and spacious grounds.


2friends Beach Hotel

Rated with 4.5 star is a luxurious and refreshing site for a family with an extraordinary view and pleasant environment.


Rainforest Lodge Mabira

Located in Mabira forest it’s an eco-friendly and family friendly resort.


Wild Waters Lodge

Located at the bank of river Nile, it’s a luxurious and environmentally friendly.


Humura Resort

With its spacious and fun lounging environment with its fancy eateries, with a very comfortable environment.


Jinja Nile Resort

Located in Jinja it’s a luxurious and adventurous site with a pleasing environment.

Unmissable top family and child Uganda Safari destinations..

Jinja Source of Nile
White Water Rafting along the River Nile in Jinja

Exploring the source of the world’s longest river is an amazing adventure waiting to be had! It’s a great distance for a day trip, only 2 and a half hours drive away, and along the way you can take in the sights of the Mabira forests and the beautiful scenery as you cross the newly constructed bridge. Plus, you have the thrilling activities of quad biking and horse riding to look forward to, making it a fun and exciting experience for all ages.

Lake Mburo National Park
Zebras Grazing in the Lake Mburo Park Savannah

Merely a four-hour drive from Kampala, this is the smallest and most convenient national park for a family to explore! Noted for its enormous population of zebras and a wide variety of wildlife, such as impala, eland, buffalos, and giraffes, this park offers a tranquil boat cruise that will add to the family’s relaxation.

Uganda Wildlife Education Center

Situated 40 kilometres from Kampala, the Entebbe Zoo is an absolute must-see for both young and old, situated on the banks of Lake Victoria. With a stunning variety of wildlife, a trip here is like a mini-tour of Uganda’s national parks. Plus, there’s a great playground for the kids and a delightful restaurant for you and your family to enjoy a leisurely meal.

Murchison Falls National Park
Murchison Falls Boat Cruise

Murchison Falls National Park is the largest in Uganda and boasts the world’s most powerful waterfall. It’s a thrilling experience, featuring a diversity of wildlife including four of the Big Five, gorgeous scenery, and a breathtaking view of the game as you approach the falls. Are you wondering how much time you’d need to explore Murchison Falls as a family? Three days is more than enough to experience the beauty of this amazing park.

Queen Elizabeth National Park
Queen Elizabeth National Park Tree Climbing Lions

Uganda is home to its renowned national park, with a reputation for its famous tree-climbing lions of Ishsha. Located in the southwest of the country, this park offers an awe-inspiring experience, where you can take in the stunning views and spot a variety of wildlife – from hippopotami to elands, buffalos and more – as well as a wealth of bird species. What’s more, you can take a boat cruise along the Kanzinga Channel and stay in luxurious lodges, such as Mweya Safari Lodge, perfect for a family getaway.

Zziwa Rhino Sanctuary
Ziwa Rhino Tracking Uganda Safari

The Zziwa Rhino Sanctuary is an absolute must-see for anyone travelling to Uganda, as it is home to the last of the endangered rhino species in the country. Located in Nakasongola along the way to Murchison Falls, the sanctuary offers a wonderful opportunity to take a guided nature walk and witness a boat cruise with a view of the spectacular shoe bill. Don’t miss this amazing chance to explore the sanctuary and see the rare rhinos in their natural habitat.

Bigodi Wetland Sanctuary

At the doorstep of Kibale Forest National Park lies Bigodi Wetland, a masterpiece of nature with a diverse array of wildlife and birds. You’ll have the opportunity to observe the various species of primates like the blue monkeys, red-tailed monkeys, baboons, and vervet monkeys. Plus, you can take part in guided nature walks and even visit the local community. It’s an exciting destination for any nature enthusiast.