Murchison Falls Honeymoon Escapade

The Murchison Falls

Off the sandy shores of Lake Albert, Murchison Falls National Park stretches inland; devouring a remarkable stretch of safari land in northwestern Uganda. It is planted on the edge of the Albertine rift amidst a rare interaction between clear streams, verdant riparian and montane forest and soggy swamps along the water’s edge.

If you are in the market for the perfect honeymoon destination in Uganda, look no further than a Uganda tour Murchison Falls. Picture spending your evening with your better half amidst this magnificent arena inhabited by 76 mammal species, 450 bird species and an array of honeymoon activities.

What to do on honeymoon safari Murchison Falls

  • A sundowner’s boat cruise  to the Albert delta
  • Boat launch to base of Murchison Falls and hiking to the top
  • Game viewing adventures
  • Nature walks and Birding on the royal Mile

Uganda tour honeymoon safari experience

Nothing beats spending time alone with your partner as newly-weds in this secluded northwestern safari beauty as you explore everything that there is to offer on a safari Murchison Falls National Park honeymoon escapade right after your wedding. Find your footing with nature on this holiday set along the Banks of the Nile in your honeymoon suite.


A boat cruise

Boat Cruise

Murchison Falls boat cruise is the king of all Uganda safari tours for your honeymoon. There is no better way to spend your afternoons than with a boat cruise to the base of one of the most powerful waterfalls in the world. Get your camera ready for the best pictures together as you are serenaded by the loud crash of the Nile against ancient rocks.

When it comes to a Uganda tour honeymoon, the scenery is everything. After a light hike to the top of the falls, your next mission will be sailing to the Albert delta. The magic of this sundowner’s trip to where the Nile pours into Lake Albert is the elusive Shoebill.

Game viewing

Within the open tree safari plains is an assemblage of wildlife delicately positioned within the Buligi and Paraa regions. The honeymoon safari Murchison Falls would not be complete without a Uganda tour game drive for sightings of some specials like the Defassa waterbucks, Rothschild’s giraffes and Patas monkeys.

Nature walks and birding along the Royal Mile

Hand in hand, enjoy a private Uganda tour Murchison falls honeymoon safari on the Royal Mile in Budongo forest on foot; pausing momentarily to take some pictures of the birds. Nature walks are perfect for early mornings to kick start your day and also meet plenty of birds like the Puvel’s Illadopsis and the Yellow footed flycatcher.

Where to stay for your tour Uganda honeymoon safari Murchison Falls:

  • Sambiya river lodge:
    Set on a private ridge within the Albertine rift of the East African Rift Valley, Sambiya River lodge is the ultimate lodge for a honeymoon tour Uganda. It is located just 15 minutes from the top of Murchison falls and there in; shares this elusive landscape offering vistas over the horizon into the dense green jungle.

The honeymoon suite is delicately furnished to provide an intimate yet unique touch with en-suite bathroom facilities, running hot water and a private veranda overlooking the forest. Enjoy a private bird show with your better half from your grass thatched cottage.

  • Kabalega wilderness camp:

Kabalega wilderness camp is based on the banks of River Nile in Murchison Falls National Park. It features self contained and comfortable cabins set against the water course and with the dense green jungle in the background. The entire camp is built with eco friendly and traditional materials like bamboo and stone to create that native African feel.

Scour the landscape on an evening of a Uganda honeymoon safari Murchison Falls National Park over a cup of tea in an intimate atmosphere reminiscing on past events and creating memories for years to come.

Making the best of your honeymoon suite:

  • Swimming: Take advantage of the swimming pool at the lodge to go for a dip with your sweet heart especially during hot afternoons and in the evening.
  • An evening out at the bar: Have a cold drink at the bar on the premises as you chat the evening away and listen to some music
  • Bush meals: Alert the hotel staff in time to arrange a private bush meal by the water or in the jungle to make it feel like a “date in the wild”.
  • Gym, Spa and sauna: Some lodges do have a spa and a wellness and fitness centre and you can spend some time getting you and your loved one pampered in the on-site spa or just bond over some routines in the gym.

When to go:

Although you can resign to a quiet time with your loved one immediately after your wedding for a Murchison Falls honeymoon safari Uganda tour, the trip is open all year round even for anniversary excursions. The best time to go for safari, however, is during the dry season in the months with fewer rains such as; December, January, February, June and July.

In conclusion, Murchison Falls National Park is the ultimate destination for your honeymoon; equipped with an assortment of safari activities to suit your liking. Book a trip with Ameera Africa safaris on for the best Uganda tour honeymoon experience yet.


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