Transforming Ugandan lives through tourism

Transforming Ugandan lives through tourism

There is more to Uganda tours than wildlife escapades, boat safaris, hiking and nature walks and mountain climbing adventures. Tourism is a diverse phenomenon that goes beyond sunny skies and golden savannah plains in Uganda’s national parks; it extends into the lives of the men and women residing within safari Uganda destinations and all the citizens at large.

In the early 19th century, tourism was majorly for recreation and education as many explorers flocked Uganda’s wildlife destinations to discover, learn and enjoy amazing vistas the “pearl of Africa” had to offer. This was essential for birthing conservation projects and putting the country on the world tourism map.

In recent years however, the government has incorporated cultural encounters into tours to Uganda in a bid to involve local communities into the tourism sector and eventually boost their standards of living. Today, transformative tourism is the new way of safari tours Uganda with almost all tour destinations offering community tours to visitors.

What is transformative tourism?

In a new world of advance technology and civilization, the question is always about how to effectively improve all forms of life on the planet. With transformative tourism, the goal is to find ways for local communities living around Uganda safari tours destinations and all citizens at large to effectively benefit from and be apart of the tourism industry in Uganda.

It seeks how best Ugandan communities can benefit from your single visit to any national park or adventure destination on tours to Uganda. This means, therefore, that for any penny you release towards the tourism sector has a direct benefit to a local life in Uganda; most especially for the rural communities living around Uganda’s protected areas.

Benefits of transformative tourism to local communities

  • Creates room for economic enterprises

You will realize that many communities living around Uganda’s protected areas have set up business enterprises such as accommodation facilities, shops and cultural centers. These enterprises are as a result of the government’s push for transformative tourism so that any money released by tourists to these projects directly improves local lives.

  • Encourages revenue sharing

Owing to the fact that the government of Uganda seeks to improve local lives through tours to Uganda transformative tourism, it is quite remarkable that a percentage of the money raised from protected areas is forwarded to these very communities. This money is geared towards building local schools, health centers, roads and addressing other local social needs.

  • Provides employment

Through safari tours Uganda, transformative tourism provides employment for local communities. Persons are often employed by national parks and accommodation facilities as support staff in positions of game rangers, porters, cooks, wardens, guides, security personnel and cleaners among many others and are thus able to better provide for their families.

  • Market for goods and produce

One of the highlights of a cultural tour is the display of locally made products such as arts and crafts. Many tourists on Uganda safari tours are fascinated by these items and often purchase some souvenirs to carry back home. In addition, many lodges purchase food, vegetables and other materials from local farmers thus improving their livelihoods.

  • Encourages education and research

Through transformative tourism, the government of Uganda has encouraged educative and research projects within tours to Uganda wildlife destinations. Many students have conducted research in areas such as Buhoma to understand ancient culture and the impact of tourism to local lives.

  • Boost conservation

Through involving local communities in the tourism sector, conservation has become a topic on everyone’s lips. The natives are eager to join conservation projects because they have benefited from wildlife and expect to reap even further from safari tours Uganda.

What we are doing

Ameera Africa safaris is always actively involved when it comes to embracing Uganda safaris transformative tourism, as we always seek to give back to the community. Our tour guides are always sourced from the local communities surrounding Uganda’s protected areas and we ensure that our tours to Uganda adventures are always tailored to include cultural encounters.

Moreover, we are often establishing ways to participate in serving local social needs through volunteer projects such as; spearheading blood donation drives, distribution of essential family supplies, environmental conservation and many others.

What you can do

  • Participate in cultural tours:

While booking for Uganda tours, ensure that you add cultural visits to your must do list knowing that the money you pay directly goes to transforming local lives

  • Purchase some souvenirs:

You can, opt to purchase a little something from the local shops. It can always act as a reminder of your African wildlife trip and also improve local lives

  • Book with us:

We are a premium travel agency that is passionate about tourism and transforming lives as well. Our main goal is to give you the best safari experience while impacting countless lives in the process. This means that a percentage of the money you pay will go towards community projects.

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