The best time for a Uganda safari tour

A safari in Uganda is one of the most exciting ventures you will ever undertake. The idea of taking time off your daily routine to just kick back and relax, and get to do all the things you have always wanted but never had time to do brings with it great joy and anticipation, not forgetting the major decision of selecting the most suitable and best time for a Uganda tour.

Although a Uganda safari in itself is quite unmatched by any other holiday adventure; proper planning will go a long way in delivering the perfect results that you desire for your vacation. The key to effective preparation for any safari tours Uganda is to choose the best time for Uganda safari holidays keeping in mind all the activities you want to accomplish.

While most activities for tours to Uganda, such as; cultural encounters, can be done any time of the year, certain excursions are best done around a specific time say; Mountain Gorilla trekking safaris, hiking and volcano climbing and game drives are best done in the drier months of the year. Therefore, when choosing the best time for safari tours to Uganda, consider your choice of safari adventures.

What the weather is like for Uganda safari vacations:

Uniquely situated along the Equator path, no one can deny that Uganda is eternally blessed with remarkable weather suited for any tour almost all year round. The skies are often a clear pale blue expelling warm fresh winds and radiating sunny days and definitely without harsh spells such as winter, Tsunamis and Tornados!

When it comes to the best time to go for a safari in Uganda, always remember that the weather rotates around to major seasons; the wet and dry seasons. At the start of the year, in the months of January and February, Uganda kicks off with a dry season that returns later in the months of June to August. The remaining months are often characterized by medium to heavy rains especially in March to May.

Uganda tours in the dry season:

Uganda experiences two dry seasons; the first one is a shorter spell that runs from late December to February and the second one is a bit longer running from June to August. The dry season is quite popular among tourists and you will often hear people refer to it as the “peak season”. It is also considered by many as the best time for Uganda safari.

Perks of the dry season – what you should expect when planning Uganda safari vacations;

  • Uganda’s tropical rainforests are naturally damp and receive lots of rainfall. However, during the dry season, the paths are drier making adventures like Uganda tours Mountain Gorilla trekking, Chimpanzee tracking and hiking a great success.
  • You stand a better chance of “summiting” Mountains such as Rwenzori and Elgon during the dry season. Imagine hiking wet and slippery yet steep mountain slopes in the wet season; not much fun, right?!
  • The savannah grasses are often shorter, allowing you to spot animals over long distances when on your game drive. Additionally, game viewing is more rewarding along water edges as animals come to quench their thirst. Expect some Uganda safari best time to visit drama between predators and their prey.
  • Plenty of bird species are abounding as many migratory species can even be found here; taking advantage of warm sunny skies.

What to do & holidays

  • Game drives and game viewing
  • Mountain Gorilla Trekking
  • Chimpanzee Tracking
  • Boat Excursions
  • Sport Fishing
  • Extreme Water sports on River Nile
  • Mountain or Volcano Climbing
  • Hiking and Nature Walks
  • Birding

What you will need:

  • Enough drinking water
  • A Hat and sunglasses
  • Light breathable clothes

Uganda safari Tours in the wet season:

For some, the wet season can be the best time for safari Uganda. This can be simply because it is the only time they can get leave off of work or because they want to take advantage of the discounts that might often come with the season.

What to expect on tours to Uganda in the wet season

  • Hotel and lodge discounts
  • Private safaris since many destinations will be less crowded
  • Heavy rains especially in April and May causing muddy roads, wet forest floors and potential delays.

What you will need:

  • Long sleeved shirts
  • A sweater and rain coat
  • Water proof hiking boots

Although Uganda has relatively good weather all year round, choosing the best time to visit all comes down to your preferences and what activities you wish to undertake. Every season comes with advantages such as clear skies for the dry season and possible discounts and private safaris for the wet seasons.

However, it is also important to take into account the possible challenges that come with the season such as high prices and congestion for the dry season and muddy roads for the wet seasons. Contact us today to book a Uganda safari now.


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