Safety on a Uganda Safari Tour

For many a traveler, Uganda safari safety is a key component especially when it comes to an adventure in Africa. Questions like; will I be safe on my safari? Will my property and my loved ones be safe? And many other questions often pop up as one scours the internet to find the perfect travel agency and plan the safari of their life.

Moreover, with Africa’s past reputation of political anarchy and instability entailing guerilla warfare, coup d’états and gruesome events like the Rwanda genocide have somewhat instilled a grain of fear in the hearts of many foreigners leaving them to question their safety on Uganda tours.

Such unfortunate events have remained tattooed onto many native hearts, creating uncertainty and doubt when tackling the issue of Uganda safari safety. One will even dare say that it painted a rather bad picture of what Africa was all about; leaving a task for the continent to redeem herself and counteract the wave of fear that was jeopardizing safari.

An era of change

Long gone are the days when Uganda safari tour safety involved you waiting and eager to see some of the best vistas on the continent yet all the while crossing your fingers behind your back and holding onto your wits that you do not come face to face with a group of guerilla rebels or have to deal with assault of any kind while you enjoy your adventure safari.

Uganda, in an attempt to secure tourism, laid various strategies to enhance Uganda tour safety in a bid to ensure that events like the 1999 guerilla attack by the Rwandese ex soldiers in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park are not repeated. Such strategies have been put in place and gratefully, they are winning the war against political anarchy and instability.

It is, in that respect, reasonable to say that Uganda is completely safe for Uganda safari travel; be it in the national parks and game reserves or while indulging in a safari repertoire of water sports at Jinja on River Nile. So, when you want to vacation in Uganda, do not let anything hold you back from walking the land of a thousand primates and elusive streams of natural safari goodness.

Making amends; what has been done to secure travel to Uganda tour safety.

  • The government of Uganda, under His Excellency President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, has deployed army officials along the borders of the country to constantly monitor the inflow of people. This is majorly to prevent any crossovers of guerilla groups from other countries into Uganda.
  • The police in conjunction with the army force, the LDU, have established night patrols within the country to guard against any violent crime such as armed robbery or even physical assault. This has been done to make night travel safer for travelers and businesses that operate overnight and into the wee hours of the morning.
  • Curfew has been established by the government following the recent scourge of the corona virus pandemic. Residents are expected to be in their houses by 7 pm and leave at 5.30am. Safari vehicles are authorized to continue operating therefore you should not worry about not being able to travel at night.
  • Game parks and game reserves have gone ahead to boost their security at the entrances by deploying security personnel. In fact, even during your game viewing safari, you will constantly be accompanied by an armed game ranger whose main goal is to ensure your travel to Uganda safety in the park.

What you can do?

The government, the national park management and your safari agency are all working together to enhance your safety on Uganda safari. However, here are a few extra points you can put in place when on your Uganda tour to support the system in keeping you safe while in Uganda.

  1. Make use of the safe in your hotel room; Most of the time, you will find a safe or drawer in your room which can use to keep essential documents and any originals while you carry duplicates or photocopies that you may need for safari travel. Ensure that the safe is always locked and that the key is with you.
  1. Keep an eye on the little ones; If travelling with children, please keep an eye on them at all times. For safety on Uganda tour travel Children can be left with a babysitter at the lodge of residence while you go into the park of elsewhere. Alternatively, you can opt for an accommodation facility that offers babysitting services.
  1. Do not go out by yourself at night; The night can be a fun time to explore hotels for a scrumptious dinner and enjoy the night lights. However, if you wish to go out at night please ensure that you are in the company of a friend or your tour agency. It is especially recommended for females to walk in groups in the dark of the night.

Take away!

Uganda is safe for safari because the government and all stake holders in the tourism sector have put in place measures to enhance safety on Uganda tours.


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