When it comes to planning and choosing a destination for safari in Africa, Kenya safari trips are often the first go to choice for many. This is simply because Kenya has built a reputation over the years for being a premier safari destination on the continent. Kenya is located within the east-central part of Africa neighboring Uganda, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Somalia, South Sudan and the Indian Ocean. Kenya covers an area of 582,646 square kilometers and part of this is the Great Rift Valley.

Many things will attract you to Kenya. From the gallant Mount Kenya and the free flowing plains of the Mara, to the Great Wildebeest Migration and the pink flamingoes of Lake Nakuru, Kenya is the ultimate “all in one” destination for you. Explore the beauty of Kenya’s national parks and her people with Ameera Africa Safaris. We are a premier tours and travel company, with an expert and experienced travel team.

Our passion is to share East Africa with the rest of the world. Our Kenya safari tours are specifically tailored to fulfill your dreams and inspire you to return to Africa. Get in touch today to plan the Kenya trips suitable for you!

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