What to pack for your Uganda safari tour

For many, a vacation in Uganda is the perfect way to break off from daily routine and enjoy sometime away from work and the entire bustle of urban life. While you have managed to plan a successful safari in Uganda’s wilderness and have all your documentation at the ready, there still remains an important question; “What should I pack for Uganda safari?”

There has never been a better time for safari such as this; warm sunny skies, blue clear streams set against a backdrop of moist ever green riparian forest and a culture so warm and vibrant you will want to bask in its ways every second you are here. So as you get ready to taste some of the best cuisines on the continent, grab your suitcases because we are packing for safari Uganda!!

It is paramount that before packing for any safari or vacation, you come up with a Uganda tour what-to-pack list to ensure that you have all the items that you will need on your safari Uganda. We share knowledge that you will find absolutely helpful right from what you need to pack and how or where to pack it!

As you journey into the open wilderness of East Africa and explore all the safari goodness therein, this Uganda tour what to pack review of safari items along with travel tips and items that you should stir away from and what kind of environment to expect will definitely come in handy.

Why you need a Uganda safari tour what to pack guide

Owing to the fact that you are travelling to a foreign country, you will need all the insight you can get into the people and the tradition they hold. Packing the wrong items such as indecent wear can greatly affect your time in Uganda…but we can fix that!

Getting started

At the top of your “Uganda safari tour what to pack list” are accessories that you will need on a wildlife adventure such as; game drives, birding and animal tracking trips.

  • A hat and sunglasses: You need all the protection you can get from the direct sunshine as you attempt to watch some animals on a late afternoon game drive.
  • A pair of binoculars: these are essential when it comes to landscape viewing and seeing wildlife over long distances.
  • A pointer and “birds of Uganda” book: simply because you do not want to miss out on any birdlife
  • Comfortable hiking boots: For all your hiking adventures especially mountain climbing and gorilla trekking
  • A good camera: you want to capture all the fun moments
  • Comfortable underwear: you do not want anything getting in the way of a hike!
  • Trousers and long sleeved shirts for hikers who want to shield their skins from plant scratches.
  • A raincoat or jacket especially if visiting during the rainy season
  • Clothes with friendly safari colors such as army green, grey and brown

Back at the lodge or hotel:

As to retreat to your lodge or hotel for a relaxed evening, you will need these items for a Uganda tour what to pack list:

  • A change of clean clothes preferably light breathable material for your evenings out
  • Open sandals or flip-flops to pamper your feet
  • A change of clean and comfortable underwear
  • A bathing suit for those pool days
  • Toiletries (tampons, lotions or jelly) and undergarments such as bikers, leggings and bras.
  • Sunscreen and insect repellants especially if going camping to safeguard against mosquitoes
  • All necessary personal medicine especially anti-histamines for allergies
  • Phone charger, IPod (or any other) for music and if necessary a book to read.

What not to pack for tour Uganda

  • Skimpy clothes especially dresses and skirts above the knees, open and revealing clothes and see through skirts and dresses.
  • Too many books; you will not have the time to read them anyway
  • White clothes; these can easily stain and you might not be able to re-use them
  • Towels, bed sheets, blankets and pillows; these will be available at your lodge


  • Gloves; especially the warm type for mountain climbing
  • Reusable water bottles
  • Game cards or board games to play with your friends although some lodges do provide these.
  • Pyjamas or other nightwear

Suitcase Vs Backpack:

While you pack for safari Uganda, carry a small suitcase to keep your luggage in while you visit the national parks with your backpack. The suitcase stays at the lodge while the backpack comes with you on adventures and carries items you need for the day.

What other Uganda tour packing and travel tips should I know about?

  • Always opt for decent non revealing clothes
  • In-case you choose to wear a skirt or dress for safari; you might want to have some leggings or shorts underneath.
  • Refrain from indecent language especially curse words on your safari because Ugandans are conservative people
  • Always keep important items in the safe at your lodge and only carry duplicates
  • Lastly, pack light! Too much luggage will only weighyou down.


Vacation is the perfect time to kick back and relax after your hard work. With our “Uganda safari what to pack” list, you have all the tools you need to fully enjoy your safari and to expect a memorable yet smooth experience. To book a safari with us, contact us on info@ugandasafaritour.com or call us directly on +256-393-194074.


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