Uganda Travel Warnings

For starters when coming to Uganda you need a bunch of things which are of course sold here too, but you can pack them just in case; A valid passport and a tourist visa (essential), more things to wear like skirts, should be descent and comfortable due to mode of dress in this country, tank tops and sweaters, cardigans, are fine as well since it can get pretty cold at night due to the cool evening wind. Personal commodities, administration hygiene and health care products like sunscreen, lotion, huts, boots or comfortable shoes, flip flops, soap, shampoo, bug repellent, toiletries, swimsuits, raincoats, cameras, sanitizer, umbrella, sunglasses, well and makeups if necessary.

On Safaris in Uganda one is always safe of course but we would encourage one to carry more personal cell phones for contacting the tour team in case one is lost or in emergency situations like health or such.

The language mainly spoken by the indigenous people is English, a few speak French and Swahili which is the common east African language but the commonly spoken language is “Luganda”.

The currency used in Uganda is Shillings of Uganda but Dollars pounds and Euros are also accepted and a dollar that is most popular among tourists is about 3700 shillings at the exchange rate market, it is not recommended to carry a lot of cash, for safety purposes but you can carry Visa card and master card to withdraw money at ATM’s cross the country.

You will also have to learn a few of other communication tips you need like gesturing to communicate if you don’t know any indigenous language or English language but the most important one is to be friendly and human. And besides the people of Uganda are so loving and caring, mostly welcoming.

A few Sub Saharan diseases like the flue, malaria, can affect your stay, but luckily you can guard against these with Mosquito appellants at night, and sleeping Ina mosquito net, Keeping covered at night, and following all the guidelines of the tour guides.


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