Night game drives in Kidepo Valley National Park

Kidepo Valley National Park is one of the most beautiful wildlife protected areas that you could ever visit in Africa. It offers unimaginable wildlife opportunities that you might not find elsewhere in Uganda and even East Africa, making it the perfect destination for Uganda tours night game drives. The scenery you will encounter here is so natural and untamed that you will not take your hand off your camera!

Within the wild outskirts of north eastern Uganda, lies Kidepo Valley National Park; a 1,442 square kilometer semi arid wildlife gazette. It appears as a magical game land, intersected by the Narus and Kidepo Rivers then crowned off by Mt. Morungole. The natural setting of this park makes for immensely unique vegetation and plant life that is endemic to the northern savannah plains of Uganda.

In 2016, Kidepo valley National Park was named “the best of Uganda” by CNN. This is not just because of the beautiful natural scenery, but the diverse fauna as well. On your night game drives Uganda safari holidays Kidepo, you will realize that this park harbors 470 bird species, 85 animal species and a tribe that has one of the most radiant culture in Africa.  

Nocturnal game viewing

One of the most beautiful adventures on your safari tour in Uganda is a night game drive in Kidepo Valley National Park. We drive you through the open rugged savannah terrain of the park after sundown to catch a glimpse of some nocturnal animals. These Uganda tours are specifically designed to give you a fresh perspective of the famous Kidepo.

Night game drives Kidepo Valley Uganda safari tours and holidays are the perfect ways to kick start your evening. Relax aboard our 4*4 wheel vehicle as our guide brings your attention to some animals lurking about the trees. With the help of a bright torch, you are guaranteed the best experience on Uganda safari tours Kidepo night game drives yet.  

What to see

Imagine capturing the perfect picture of a Leopard against the glowing dark with your camera! Such is the magic of a night game drive safari tour in Uganda. We want you to have the best and ultimate experience of our Uganda safari holidays and therefore we avail you with the opportunity to see some animals that prefer to hunt in the dark.

Other than Leopards, you can expect to encounter animals such as; Hyenas, Bush baby, Lions and Pottos among others. These Uganda safari tours and holidays night game drives are also perfect for scientists that wish to study animal behavior at night. You can set up your cameras and catch all the jungle action on your safari tour in Uganda at night.

When to go:

Your safari tour in Uganda Kidepo Valley National Park is best booked for the drier months of the year such as; January, February, June and July. In these months, you are more assured of little or no rain disturbances although you will definitely need to watch out for the heat. Grasses are also often shorter and you can expect great pictures even over long distances.

What to carry:

  • A pair of binoculars
  • Snacks
  • A hat
  • Sunglasses
  • Enough drinking water

Other safari activities:

  1. Morning, afternoon and full day game drives:

Apart from Uganda safari tours night game drives, you can indulge in the beauty of these wild plains with our top notch morning, afternoon and full day game drives. Morning game drives are perfect for tracking following fresh animal tracks while Uganda tours afternoon game drives are the perfect game viewing plan as animals gather around water sources.

Uganda safari holidays full day game drives on the other hand are the ultimate full game viewing package for Kidepo Valley National Park Uganda tours. You will enjoy a packed bush lunch as you spend the entire day seeking out animals in the park. You are however guaranteed the best experience with our game viewing safaris.

  • Birding:

Kidepo Valley National Park has about 470 bird species including endemic species like the Karamoja Apalis that you might not encounter anywhere else in Uganda. So, as you plan your safari tour in Uganda Kidepo National Park, make it a point to include a birding adventure on your “to-do list”.

  • Cultural experiences:

The Karimojong are some of the most colorful people you will ever meet in Uganda. Be prepared to have your mind blown by a traditional way of life that relies on locally made tools and ancient values passed on from generation to generation. Then finish off your Uganda safari tours and holidays with a display of some art facts and crafts.

  • Hiking and Nature walks:

Owing to the fact that Kidepo Valley National Park is surrounded by two Mountains, it is not a surprise then that your Uganda safari tours will include a hike to stand upon these gallant features. Meet the IK; who live along the slopes of the Mountain and also take great pictures of the horizons beyond.


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