Latest Uganda Travel Covid 19 Updates

In response to the corona virus pandemic, the government of Uganda in collaboration with the Ministry of Health has set up the following guidelines concerning travel to and from Uganda.

Although the lockdown was lifted, public transport has only been opened at 50% with taxis and buses carrying half their normal capacity and boda bodas allowed to carry only one passenger. Private vehicles are allowed to operate across district borders with a maximum of 3 passengers.

Late night curfew remains in place with all private cars, public means and businesses expected to cease operations by 7.00pm and open at 5.30 am. This curfew applies to human movement as well except for cargo trucks. If you are travelling to the airport, you will be allowed to pass but you ought to present a valid plane ticket.

Land borders remain closed except for Cargo and registered tourist vehicles and must comply with Covid19 standard operating procedures (sops) including temperature checks and presenting a negative covid19 test certificate.

While commercial flights are operating, they too are subject to the covid19 standard operating procedures upon arrival.

Upon arrival at the airport or land border, foreign nationals and all travelers will be required to present a negative covi19 test certificate issued no more than 72 hours before boarding the plane or crossing the land borders. Failure to present one will lead to denial of entry, except if the person is a citizen of Uganda; in which case they will be subjected to a PCR test at $65 at their own expense and possible isolation.

Children aged three years and below are currently exempt from producing a negative covid19 test certificate as long as the accompanying adult is carrying one.

Travelers arriving at or departing from Entebbe International Airport can only be accompanied by two people including the driver. Such vehicles with more than 3 people will not be allowed to reach the airport.

Testing and screening procedure upon arrival and departure:

Arriving travelers will be required to undergo SOPs including wearing masks, social distancing temperature checks and screening for infectious diseases by the Port Health authorities. If any person presents signs or symptoms of any infectious disease, they will be lead away by the M.O.H for a PCR test at their own cost to an isolation centre where they will be expected to stay till results are out.

If anyone tests positive and would prefer to receive treatment back home, they will be returned to their home country at their own cost.

Departing travelers will be expected to present a negative covid19 PCR test certificate issued no more than 72 hours before departure, except for children aged three and below with adults presenting the negative certificates. Such certificates must be issued in Uganda and must state the intended purpose as “travel” to be considered valid for departure.


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