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An Ameera Africa staff (Nasser – Red T-shirt) with members of the Village Bird Club at Kibale Forest National Park in 2020.

Ameera Africa Safaris is an African tours and travel company registered and licensed in Uganda, operating in several African destinations, with a focus on providing the ultimate unforgettable African safari. We offer customized fun safaris, travel and holiday consultancy services to local and international visitors. Our passion for travel and reliability makes us your dependable partner for delivering an exciting adventure.

The name "Ameera" is an African, Arabic, Hindu and Hebrew female name for "princess or treetop", which signifies the most beautiful untouched nature in Africa. At Ameera Africa we have a deep desire to inspire travel and discovery of the beauty of Africa. This forms the cornerstone of our philosophy at Ameera Africa- to offer the best 'regal-like' experience in the Africa wild.

We are also represented on Safaribookings.

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At Ameera Africa Safaris, we have a self-driven energetic team of experienced professionals who are passionate about travel. Our team includes driver-guides, tour consultants and travel agents all committed to ensuring you get the ultimate safari tour experience. Our team has professional experience in arranging safaris, ticketing, logistics, hotel bookings and travel management. Don’t hesitate to contact us for all your queries!

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