Discover Kenya

Kenya is the 2nd largest country in Africa, and also one of the most popular in Africa. It’s also the ancestry of U.S. President Barrack Obama. Kenya is the place to tour on an African safari, it’s sits on 580,367km, so it is huge too, it has Lake Victoria as many other East African countries too, and has The great East African Rift Valley, has Lake Turkana, and the Lake Nakuru with flamingos, Cities to explore many breath taking sights as you will discover.

Kenya is mesmerizing, it’s Surrounding is calderas and mountain ranges, the Great Rift Valley divides the country. To the east of this sweeping valley, you can climb the snow-cloaked equatorial peaks of Mount Kenya and fish for trout in crystal-clear streams. Hell’s Gate National Park harbors obsidian caves and hisses with natural geysers and hot springs.

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To experience the adventure of Kenya’s and it’s colorful colonial history captured in the film out of Africa, head to Nairobi. This busy capital is the key to one of the world’s most enchanting and exciting travel destinations. You will find throngs of wildebeests thundering across the savanna during the Great Migration in the Maasai Mara; when you come to tour Kenya, you will behold Audience with elephants in Amboseli; or marvel at Lake Nakuru, flecked with thousands of flamingos. In these sun-soaked lands, ancient tribes, such as the Maasai, Kikuyu, and Samburu, retain their traditional customs, living in relative harmony with the natural world.